DeepDyve Plugin

The DeepDyve Plugin makes it easy to see which articles are available on DeepDyve by automatically adding links on sites including Google Scholar and PubMed.

Download the Plugin now for your browser:

Plugin Updates

Updated Oct 29, 2018
Updating popup to properly display Science Direct searches and articles in your Recent Activity
Updated Oct 22, 2018
Adding support for Science Direct searches and articles in your Recent Activity
Updated Aug 13, 2018
Bug fixes and minor improvements to metadata collection for Recent Activity.
Updated Jun 15, 2018
See your Recent Activity directly from the popup!
Also included: various bug fixes and improvements for automatically saving Recent Activity.
Updated May 11, 2018
Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Updated April 20, 2018
Use DeepDyve to automatically keep track of what documents were interesting during your searches on PubMed and Google Scholar! Find your combined document viewing history in the updated Recent Activity section of My Library.
Updated April 16, 2018
You can now keep track of any article you find in PubMed or Google Scholar in My Folders! Look for the DeepDyve button next to your search results to add an article to a folder you create on DeepDyve.
As always, find the articles that are available to read on DeepDyve by looking for the orange 'available' banner on the plugin button.
Updated March 23, 2018
Bug fixes.
Updated March 19, 2018
Now supports saving search queries from PubMed and Google Scholar to My Library!