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Absorption and utilization of 3-phosphoglyceric acid by green gram plants



Heft 4 196~ (Jg. 6t) Knrze Originalmitteilungen ].07 U m s e t z u n g s z e i t p u n k t : Zwischen d e m Zeitraum, in dem gr6Bte Steigerung der O2-Aufnahme g e f u n d e n w u r d e (t. bis 4. Std n a c h Lichtbeginn In. L.~), u n d demjenigen, in d e m st~irkste H e m m u n g der O2-Aufnahme e i n t r i t t (17. bis 21. Std n. L.), liegen zwei weitere Zeitabschnitte, in denen die O2-Aufnahme n u r relativ wenig beeinflul3t wird (7. bis 8. Std n . L . ) bzw. n o c h m a l s s t i m u l i e r t wird (10. bis 12. Std n. L.). Die photosynthetische O~-Abgabe wird zu Beginn der Lichtzeit durch eine K o n z e n t r a t i o n s e r h 6 h u n g fast n i c h t beeinfluBt, dagegen in der Mitre der Dunkelzeit u m bis zu 80"/0 gesenkt. Dieser Z e i t p u n k t h 6 c h s t e r E m p f i n d l i c h k e i t liegt in einem a n d e r e n E n t w i c k l u n g s a b s c h n i t t als der y o n PIRSON u. Mitarb. b e s t i m m t e Z e i t r a u m gr6Bter K~.iteempfindlichkeit. Die Befunde m a h n e n eindringlich zu vorsichtiger I n t e r p r e t a t i o n an n i c h t s y n c h r o n i s i e r t e n K u l t u r e n g e w o n n e n e r Ergebnisse. Sic zeigen weiterhin einen Weg, die gegenseitige Abhb~ngigkeit oder U n a b h ~ n g i g k e i t verschiedener Resistenzphbmomene zu priifen [vgl. auch PIRSON U. Mitarb.a)]. Eine ausfiihrliche D a r s t e l l u n g u n d Diskussion der Ergebnisse erfolgt in Kfirze. Der D e u t s c h e n F o r s c h u n g s g e m e i n s c h a f t d a n k e n w i t ffir die U n t e r s t f i t z u n g der Arbeiten, Fraulein DipI.-Biol. IRMGARD MOLLER ftir ihre zuverl/~ssige Mitarbeit. Table 2. Distribution o/ radioactivity /rom PGA-1 C14 Counts/rain Fraction In dark Medium: Before incubation . . . . After 24 hours . . . . . Sucrose . . . . . . . . . . . . Glucose . . . . . . . . . . . . Fructose . . . . . . . . . . . . Respired C Q . . . . . . . . . . * = less than 25 counts/mm. resin to r e m o v e amino acids, after which sugars were isolated by paper chromatography4). Radioactivity measurements were corrected for selfabsorption. Since the incorporation of C14 in glucose, fructose and sucrose was insignificant, the observed a c c u m u l a t i o n of sucrose c a n n o t be explained b y synthesis f r o m the i n c u b a t e d P G A or f r o m a metabolite derived from c a r b o n - t thereof. A b o u t 65% of t h e a b s o r b e d radioactivity appeared in the r e s p i r a t o r y CO2; the absorbed c o m p o u n d t h u s served as a r e s p i r a t o r y substrate, which could allow sucrose to be conserved. We h a v e detected glyceric acid kinase activity in green g r a m ; therefore it is possible t h a t the absorbed glyceric acid was r e p h o s p h o r y l a t e d and entered the regular oxidative p a t h w a y . We are indebted to Dr. S. OCHOA for a gift of PGA-I-C~< E q u i p m e n t used was provided and installed during an I n d i a n I n s t i t u t e of Science-University of Wisconsin sisterhood prog r a m m e sponsored b y the United States Technical Cooperation Mission to India. 189000 363OO *) 87 36 102000 In light 259000 3O60O 53 *) *) 143000 Botanisches Institut Siesmayerstra/3e 70 der Universitiit, Frank/urt a.M., A. RInD u n d C . J . SOEDER Eingegaugen am 22. November `1960 ~) PIRSO~',A., u. H. Lo~ENZEN: Z. Bot. 46, 53 (1958). - 2) SOEDER, c . J . : Flora [Jena] 148, 489--516 (t96o). - - s) LORENZZ~, H., U. H.G. RueP~L: Naturwissenschaften 4% 553 (I958). - PIRSON, A., ]-I.LORENZEN U. A. KOEPPER: Plant Physiol. 34, 353--355 (1959). Vgl. ferner: SOROKIN,C.: Nature [Lolldon~ 185, 933 (`1960). - - Physiol, Plantarum 13, 20 (t960). Department o/ Biochemistry, Indian Institute ol Science, Bangalore-12, India T. RA•ASARMA, K.C. LE1BMAN*) and K . V . GIRl**) Eingegangen am 11. November 1960 *) University of Wisconsin, U. S. Technical Cooperation Mission. Present address: Department of Pharmacology, University of Florida, Gainesville, Fla., U.S.A. **) Deceased, ~7 duly, 1958. ~) Gmr, K.V., T. Rh~SAR~A and V.N. NIOAM: Proc. Soc. Biol. Chem. [India] 1~, 3'1 (~956). - - RAMASARV~A,T.: Thesis, University of Bombay 1956. --~) KtNO, E.J.: Biochemic. J. 26, 292 ( 1 9 3 2 ) . 8) CARnlNI, C.E., L.F. L~LOm and J. CmROBOOA: J. Biol. Chem. 214, 149 ( 1 9 5 5 ) . - 4) GI0VA~NOZzI-SER~AXI, G.: Nature [London] 177, 586 (t956). Absorption and Utilization of 3-Phosphoglyceric Acid by fireen 6ram Plants W e have observed t h a t green g r a m (Phaseolus radiatus) p l a n t s were able to a c c u m u l a t e sucrose in vivo w h e n i n c u b a t e d w i t h 3-phosphoglyceric acid (PGA)I), b u t it w a s n o t k n o w n if this increase in sucrose c o n t e n t was due to synthesis f r o m PGA. We have n o w found t h a t a c c o m p a n y i n g the progressive increase in the sucrose c o n t e n t of the p l a n t s w i t h increasing periods of incubation, the inorganic p h o s p h a t e increased in the P G A - c o n t a i n i n g m e d i u m in which the roots of the p l a n t s were i m m e r s e d (Table l). G r o u p s of five t 0 - d a y old p l a n t s Table t. Changes in phosphates and sucrose on incubation with PGA (IP = inorganic phosphate; TP ~ total phosphate; S = sucrose) Time (hrs) 0 6 12 24 ~mol in medium IP 23.0 25'5 49"2 62"5 TP 85.0 80.0 75'0 63"0 IP tl.8 t6.2 20"0 24"0 ~xmol/g plants TP 14.3 '18.0 24"0 32"0 S 9'3 1"1"5 t2'8 18"2 Abhiingigkeit der Auxinoxytlase-Aktivitiit yon dem photoperio0isch bedingtcn Phenolgehait und dem Lebensalter in Luptnus albus L. I n den Laubblb.ttern der j u n g e n L a n g t a g e x e m p l a r e y o n L u p i n u s albus w u r d e von STUTZ1) eine hohe A u x i n o x y d a s e (IES-Oxydase)-Aktivit&t gefunden, a b e t in B15~ttern der &lteren Pflanzen ist die I E S - O x y d a t i o n nach den A n g a b e n y o n WATANABE u n d STIITZ 2) n u t u n b e d e u t e n d . Eigene Versuche bestb.tigen diese Befunde (Tabelle). Es e r h e b t sich n u n die Frage, ob die Menge y o n I n h i b i t o r e n in den Bl~Lttern der ~lteren Pflanzen ansteigt oder ob das E n z y m aus den Bl~Lttern n a c h einiger Zeit verschwindet. U m zwischen diesen beiden M6glichkeiten zu entscheiden, w u r d e der Tabelle. Gesamtphenolgehalt (ats 10-1 yg Ferulasdure/mg Trocken- (1"00 g wet weight), which had been g r o w n u n d e r aseptic conditions, were i n c u b a t e d in 2.5~ml of 0'025 m P G A in sterilized cups at r o o m t e m p e r a t u r e in the dark. After i n c u b a t i o n the roots were washed, and e x t r a c t s of the p I a n t s (80% boiling ethanol) were analyzed for p h o s p h a t e 2) and sucrose a). Combined m e d i u m and w a s h i n g s were assayed for p h o s p h a t e . I n control e x p e r i m e n t s w i t h o u t P G A in the medium, sucrose and p h o s p h a t e s r e m a i n e d essentially c o n s t a n t in the p l a n t s for 24 hours. The increase in inorganic p h o s p h a t e in the m e d i u m was m o s t likely b r o u g h t a b o u t b y p h o s p h a t a s e s of the cell walls. A l t h o u g h it c a n n o t be definitely concluded w h e t h e r • increase in p h o s p h M e w i t h i n the p l a n t s w a s due to t h e a b s o r p t i o n of inorganic p h o s p h a t e only or also of some intact PGA, m u c h of t h e a b s o r p t i o n of t h e c a r b o n chain would be in the f o r m of glyceric acid or a related compound, since 80 to 90 % of the C~ i n c u b a t e d as P G A - t - C 1~ disappeared f r o m the mediu m while less t h a n 25% of the p h o s p h a t e was a b s o r b e d (Table 2). I n this experiment, p l a n t s of a b o u t 200 m g wet weight were i n c u b a t e d in 0"5 ml of a solution of P G A - I - C 14 for 2 4 h o u r s in a s y s t e m in w h i c h CO 2 was flushed o u t a n d t r a p p e d in alkali. The h o t ethanol e x t r a c t w a s treated w i t h Zeokarb 3t 5 gewicht) und IES-Oxydase-Aktivitdt (al Odlh/mg Trockengewicht) der Zu 5inus-Btd#er Alter der Pflanzen KT 14Tage 28 Tage 42 Tage LT ~T LT KT LT 70 Tage I<T 2,57*) 3,23*) 3,50 3,58 4,23 4,00 5,00 0 0 0 IES-Oxydase-Aktivit~it undialysiert 9,5 dialysiert + DCP 4,1 5,'I 4,1 4,3 4,2 4,6 3,8 *) Die Differenz zwischen dem Phenolgehalt der BlOtter yon 14tggigen Kurztag- und Langtagexemplaren ist signifikant.



NaturwissenschaftenSpringer Journals

Published: Jan 1, 1961

DOI: 10.1007/BF00636056

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