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Nocturne SAGE Publications, Inc.2008DOI: 10.1177/10499091080250041203 TheresaWyatt Miles of mental road pass through her dreams at midnight so many dreams ensue she wades through the Ganges eagerly, with toes touching down on scores of sacred stones giving rise to afterlives as yet unshaped or owned next, she runs, climbs, then flies high above the waterfalls with oil lamp in hand, lighting the way, the vaporous way and then, soaring straight toward binary stars everywhere with arms open wide, beseeching providence itself, she breaks into animated song singing take me, take me to the tunnel ahead and at this, the brightness compels its embrace the Ganges overflows, waterfalls reverse, sacred stones rain gently in the valleys, fossils chafe the beachcombers' hands, feathers kiss the oceans and the owl blinks awake. http://www.deepdyve.com/assets/images/DeepDyve-Logo-lg.png American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine SAGE

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