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Neuroimmunology I: Immunogenetics 4 November 1997, Tuesday

Platform PresentationsNeuroimmunology I: Immunogenetics 4 November 1997, Tuesday SAGE Publications, Inc.1997DOI: 10.1177/135245859700300504 S022 CANDIDATE GENE ANALYSIS IN MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS CTLA4. TGFB2, ylFN AND TCRB Jan Hillert, Bing He, Arturs Ligers, Chun Xu, Anna Fogdell and Olle Olerup Depts of Neurology and Clinical Immunology, Karolinska Institute at Huddinge Univesity hospital Rackgrorrnd: The relevance of analyses of candidate genes in complex disorders such as MS has been debated but such efforts have occasionally been successful We have analysed a number of genes, most of which are of immune function, for a possible role in MS A number of these have yielded data indicating that they may actually be of importance, whereas most others, as expected, have been negative Matenals and A~lethocJ.s: 46 nuclear families with at least 2 individuals with MS, 200 unrelated patients with MS and 123 healthy controls were investigated for linkage and association for a number of single base substitutions or microsatellite markers Analyses were peformed by Chi2, transmission test, 2-point linkage and APM analysis I)isetissioti: Most convincing data were found for CTLA4 where most tests were positive In addition, both the ylFN and TCR~3 genes are located in chromosomal regions previously suggested to be relevant in http://www.deepdyve.com/assets/images/DeepDyve-Logo-lg.png Multiple Sclerosis SAGE

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