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Neurovascular Unit: Basic and Clinical Imaging with Emphasis on Advantages of Ferumoxytol
MD, Joao Prola Netto,; PhD, Jeffrey Iliff,; PhD, Danica Stanimirovic, MD,; PhD, Kenneth A Krohn,; MD, Bronwyn Hamilton,; PhD, Csanad Varallyay, MD,; MD, Seymur Gahramanov,; MD, Heike Daldrup-Link,; PhD, Christopher d’Esterre,; PhD, Berislav Zlokovic, MD,; MD, Haris Sair,; PhD, Yueh Lee, MD,; PhD, Saeid Taheri,; MD, Rajan Jain,; MD, Ashok Panigrahy,; MD, Daniel S Reich,; PhD, Lester R Drewes,; MD, Mauricio Castillo,; MD, Edward A Neuwelt, Neurosurgery. 2017.
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