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Working Papers

r1Ling aer editor, Professor David G. Dannenbring University of North Carolina, Graduate School of Business Administration, Chapel Hill, N.C. 27514 In response to the interest expressed by many members of TIMS, we shall list working papers by title and author. Any interested author of a working paper should send a copy of it to the Working Papers editor. Any working paper which is received by the editor will be listed without comment.It is hoped that this will provide bettercommunication of the kind of work which is in progress and will permit direct contact among various persons who may be pursuing similar directions in their researchperiod. The following papers were received from the GraduateSchool of Management, The University of Rochester,Rochester,New York 14627: CLOUGH,W. S., CRESSLER, W. L., AND MONTGOMERY, K. H., "Asymptotic Gonorrhea Detection Methods," June 1973, Working Paper S7304. FONG,C. 0. AND SRINIVASAN, "Multi-Period Capacity Expansion and Shipment V., Planning with Linear Costs," August 1973, Working Paper 7322. FONG, C. 0. AND RAO, M. R., "Post-Optimal Studies in the Transportation and Transportation-Type Problems," September, 1973, Working Paper 7324. FREIMER,M., SRINIVASAN V., AND SCHWARZ, B., "A Note on Optimal Single Cycle L. Policies for the One-Warehouse N-Retailer Inventory Problem," http://www.deepdyve.com/assets/images/DeepDyve-Logo-lg.png Management Science INFORMS

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