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Possible Example of the Annihilation of a Heavy Particle

(D a) _0 N) cco 100 St -I 50 f M00 Mev FIG. 1. The T=3/2, j=3/2 phase shift as a function of energy. direct ?r- scattering cross section at 40 Mev which is much too low compared to that measured by Barnes et al.6 On the other hand, it does fit in with the values of (jr measured at 65 and 26 Mev, both of which are considerably lower than Barnes' value. It will be noticed that with our set of values deduced at 40 Mev, 633 fit very well on the curve of Fig. 1. 8i shows a somewhat erratic behavior (see curve). Our analysis1 of the 217-Mev point does place &1 close to or slightly below zero, but this point might be in error. IC a) 0' 8) -IC -2C I ki FIG. 2. S state phase shifts as a function of -q, the momentum in the center-of-mass system in units of ,uc. At zero energy the Panofsky experiment,7 coupled with the recent determinations of positive photoproduc- tion near threshold at Illinois,5 enables one to solve for the quantity (31-83)/X. Our analysis of the photopro- duction data near threshold and beyond shows that the fraction http://www.deepdyve.com/assets/images/DeepDyve-Logo-lg.png Physical Review American Physical Society (APS)

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