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On the Magnetic Deflection of Cosmic Rays

In a recent letter to this section, L. M. Mott-Smith' proposed an experiment for de- flecting the cosmic rays in a magnetic field which made use of the magnetic induction in the inside of a magnetized iron bar. This experiment has recently been per- formed by the writer, using identically the same arrangement and has been shortly de- scribed in "Rendicouti della R. Accademia Naxionale dei Lincei", Vol. XI, p. 478, March 1930. Due to the exceedingly small frequency of coincidences, it was not possible during this first experiment to attain such an accuracy that the expected effect of electrons having a velocity of 102 volts lay outside of the average error. A new and more complete experi- mental set-up is at present under construc- tion and will allow the application of the old method, as well as of a new method (for which Prof. Puccianti is to be thanked). The latter is based on the following principle. Above and below two oppositively magnetized iron bars, which lie close to each other in a hori- zontal plane, there are placed two counters with their axes parallel to the direction of magnetization. The electrons, passing through the upper counter http://www.deepdyve.com/assets/images/DeepDyve-Logo-lg.png Physical Review American Physical Society (APS)

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