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On Ewell's Method of Measuring Single Potential Differences

No. 3.3I ON EWELL'S METHOD OF MEASURING SINGLE POTENTIAL DIFFERENCES. BY S. J. BARNETT. IN the October number of this journal Professor Ewell' describes an interesting method of determining single differences of potential which he believes free from the fallacies involved in methods hitherto proposed. The theory of the method, which the paper does not give in systematic form, can best be discussed with the aid of a diagram, such as Fig. I. The black parts of this diagram represent homogeneous substances A CASE 8 IZDOUBLE LAYER ACRORMETAL D DOUBLE LAYER LIQUID F GLASS AND DOUBLE LAY E RS METAL ELECTRoMETER A CAS E Fig. 1. without electric fields in the steady state, while the white parts represent those electric fields which it is necessary to consider. The (constant) double layers in the electrometer are not shown; and for simplicity all parts of the metal case A, surrounding the apparatus, the metal parts of the electrometer and its connections, and the metal coat G of the vessel containing the liquid under experiment are assumed to be made of the same substance. In making the experiments the liquid E is first momentarily connected to the surrounding conductor A, to http://www.deepdyve.com/assets/images/DeepDyve-Logo-lg.png Physical Review American Physical Society (APS)

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