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Magnetic Multipole Internal Conversion

ENERGY KEV gamma rays are in coincidence with not more than 10 percent of the beta-rays. The result would be consistent with the simple decay scheme only if the gamma-ray were converted more than 90 percent whereas the experimental value would be about 8 percent referred to the simple scheme. A decay scheme which is consistent with all of the present results is given in Fig. 2. The resolving power of the coincidence-absorption method used by Graham and Tomlin3 is probably too low to distinguish be- tween the two proposed decay schemes. The author wishes to express his appreciotion to Professor J. S. Foster, for his help and advice throughout this work and to Dr. D. G. Douglas for valuable discussions and assistance. ' G. T. Seaborg and I. Perlman, Rev. Mod. Phys. 20, 585 (1948). 2 D. Saxon and J. Richards, Phys. Rev. 76, 186 (1949). 3 R. L. Graham and D. H. Tomlin, Nature 164, 278 (1949). 4 P. J. Grant and R. Richmond, Nature 163, 840 (1949). 5 G. F. von Droste, Zeits. f. Physik 100, 529 (1936). 6 C. M. Witcher, Phys. Rev. 61, 32 (1941). 7 B. H. Ketelle (private communication to the http://www.deepdyve.com/assets/images/DeepDyve-Logo-lg.png Physical Review American Physical Society (APS)

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