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A Positively Charged Component of Cosmic Rays

where R and M are the radius and magnetic moment of the earth and k 2= 300 M/ V. On the basis of the theory of Lemaitre and Vallarta this implies the existence of an azimuthal asymmetry in the intensity of the corpuscular component of the cosmic radiation in latitudes where the intensity is varying, and the sign of 0 in (1) is such that positive rays should enter more abundantly from the west. As has been stated by Lemaitre and Vallarta, on the basis of the intensity measurements of Compton an azimuthal asymmetry should be detectable in latitudes between the equator and 34° geomagnetic and on the basis of Compton's own analysis of his data the greatest E-W differences should appear in latitudes between 200 and 300. With this prediction in mind measurements have been carried out in a tent on the flat roof of the Hotel Geneve in Mexico City at an elevation above sea level of 2250 meters and in geomagnetic latitude 290N. Two independent sets of Geiger-Mueller counters were used, arranged as coincidence counting telescopes.5 A summary of the data obtained during the first two weeks is contained in Table I. Each run consisted http://www.deepdyve.com/assets/images/DeepDyve-Logo-lg.png Physical Review American Physical Society (APS)

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