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DeepDyve — Finally, a simple way to get the articles you need.

DeepDyve was founded by two bioinformatics scientists who were frustrated by the inconvenience and cost of accessing peer-reviewed journal articles. Our mission is to empower information professionals worldwide by making authoritative research more affordable and simple to access.

Everyday tens of millions of information professionals visit journal websites looking for mission critical articles — only to abandon the process when confronted and confounded by a pay wall. For those users that decide to open their wallets, many times they become frustrated when a misleading abstract leads to a "wasted" article purchase. Aside from the actual out of pocket expense, valuable time is also expended searching across dozens of publisher sites, remembering (or more likely forgetting) account IDs and passwords, and dealing with the myriad of different shopping and checkout procedures.

DeepDyve was created to serve these millions of information professionals who are "unaffiliated" with an academic or governmental institution and therefore lack funded access to this content. Our users are knowledge workers in businesses large and small who need affordable and convenient access to authoritative research that is vital to their profession.

Through partnerships with the world's leading publishers, DeepDyve provides affordable access to millions of articles across thousands of peer-reviewed journals. DeepDyve — finally, a simple way to access authoritative research.

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Rent from the Cloud — for just $1

With DeepDyve, you can "rent" an article from anywhere you have a browser and an internet connection — for as little as $1. What exactly is "renting"? Renting an article means you can read the full article as much as you like until it expires (30 days or longer), but it cannot be downloaded or printed. By renting, you can save up to 90%, allowing you to read articles without the worry.

"Rent to Own" — Buy PDF's, Save up to 20%

With a DeepDyve monthly plan, you not only get savings on rentals, you also get 20% off any PDF purchases from our site. And there's no long term commitment — our monthly plans can be cancelled any time without penalty.

Group Plans — Save time and money

DeepDyve now offers attractive Group Plans where employees can all share the benefits of our service and avoid the hassles of expense approvals and reimbursements. Our plans are very flexible and easy to implement, and best of all, you only pay for what you use. For details, see Business Partners.

Free "Open Access" Articles

Because we know there's great stuff out there for free, we've included those articles in our service for your convenience — and of course, for free. We have have over 10 million articles from "open access" sources including The Public Library of Science, PubMed, ArXiv, Hindawi, and more.


What Else Do I Get?

All DeepDyve accounts provide many valuable features that help you discover new information more quickly and easily:

  • Create your personalized home page. All you have to do is choose your favorite journals — you can add or remove journals as you go. The next time you log back in, you'll see your favorite journals and all the newest articles easily displayed for quick browsing.

  • Find related information for every article by clicking the "More Like This" button on the search results page or any article page.

  • Bookmark and save your favorite articles. They will then be displayed on your DeepDyve home page for easy access.

  • Receive Search or RSS Alerts. From your search results screen, you can click Search Alerts or RSS Alerts. Your search query will automatically run in the background, and we will deliver new results to you by email or through your RSS reader.

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