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The Scientific Research Platform for Mid-Tier Enterprises

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Features & Benefits for the Mid-Tier Enterprise

Affordable Content

DeepDyve is designed for researchers in small to mid-sized enterprises who need simple and affordable access to authoritative journals. The DeepDyve database is available via any web browser and allows full-text, read-only access to over 20 million articles from more than 15,000 journals from leading academic publishers including Springer Nature, Elsevier, Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford University Press and many more.

  • Unlimited, full-text, read-only access to the entire DeepDyve collection
  • No embargo – DeepDyve offers the latest articles from the most recent issues
  • Print functionality (20 pages per user per month)
  • 20% off PDF download purchases

Workflow and Collaboration

DeepDyve offers features and tools designed to improve the efficiency of literature searches across the enterprise:

  • Seamless integration with Google Scholar, PubMed and others
  • Activity tracking and project folders to organize articles and activity
  • Share articles and project folders with co-workers to collaborate and stay on top of the latest findings

Flexible and Affordable Pricing Plans

Whether your team needs unlimited access, one-off access, or a combination of both, DeepDyve has a plan that is right for you:

  • Seat License Plans

    Seat licenses are ideal for teams who need in-depth, recurring access to scholarly literature. In this plan, organizations pre-pay for a finite number of user licenses, and each with unlimited access to DeepDyve’s collection of articles.

  • Token Plans

    Token plans are designed for organizations who wish to offer DeepDyve to a broad group of users, each of whom may have only intermittent access needs. In this model, organizations can offer DeepDyve to a virtually unlimited number of users who would draw from a pre-paid pool of tokens.

  • Hybrid Plans

    For organizations that need unlimited access for ‘power users’ and occasional access for others, Hybrid Plans offer the best of both worlds with Seat Licenses for select users, and Token access for everyone else.

Features for All Plans Include:

  • Volume discounted pricing
  • Dedicated account manager for technical support and training
  • Centralized billing and quarterly reporting

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