Introducing DeepDyve

The Scientific Literature Platform for Small to Medium-sized Enterprise

DeepDyve makes research more accessible and affordable for professionals, workgroups, and small to medium-sized enterprises like yours. Partnering with leading academic publishers, DeepDyve has built the world’s largest online rental service for peer-reviewed research papers.

For teams of 5+ researchers

Wolters Kluwer
Oxford University Press
Springer Nature
Journal of the American Medical Association
New England Journal of Medicine
25M papers
15K publications
100+ publishers

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Features & Benefits for the Small to Medium-sized Enterprise

The need for scholarly literature does not diminish with the size of the business, only the budgets do. DeepDyve is here to help. DeepDyve works with hundreds of leading companies in BioPharma, MedTech, High Tech and other research-intensive industries who need affordable access to authoritative papers.

Expand Content Access

  • Unlimited access to millions of articles each month for the same price as a single PDF purchase
  • No embargoes – DeepDyve offers the latest articles from the most recent issues
  • A single online interface to find & read free Open Access (OA) articles

Simplify Collaboration

  • Create shared folders to manage citations and full-text articles from DeepDyve, Google Scholar and PubMed - all in a single location
  • Alert project collaborators via email and in an online interface anytime folder contents change

Get Papers without the Paperwork

  • With annual invoicing, you and your colleagues save time from signing up individually and reconciling expenses each month
  • Get access to a dedicated Account Manager for training, support and quarterly usage reporting

Improve Licensing

  • Receive quarterly usage reports on rental and PDF purchase activity
  • Identify content consumption trends to drive additional savings via new journal and database subscriptions

Flexible Pricing

  • Per user seat licenses (5+ users)
  • DeepDyve rental tokens shared across groups of any size
  • Hybrid seat-token plans
  • Volume discounts

About DeepDyve

DeepDyve is a technology company headquartered in Silicon Valley. The company’s mission is to make research more simple and affordable. Partnering with over 100 leading academic publishers, DeepDyve offers access to more than 25 million full-text articles from 15,000 peer-reviewed journals.