Organize All Your Literature From All Your Sources—All In One Place

Whether you found the paper on DeepDyve or it was previously purchased by your colleagues–pull it all together into one place in DeepDyve.

Bring order to your research with folders, notes, and bookmarks

Create unified folders for all your research

Instead of trying to find the right article on this desktop drive, that online storage drive, and this set of browser bookmarks, get organized with DeepDyve’s folders. Save LitStream articles, your team’s purchased PDFs, and even citations from PubMed and Google Scholar—all in the same set of unified folders.

Annotate your articles–and share with colleagues

Highlight sections of your articles. Make notes. Leave comments right in the article. Share comments and notes with colleagues. With DeepDyve it’s easy to keep track of what you need to remember.

Bookmark articles for quick reference

Use bookmarks on articles and journals so you can quickly come back to the most important ones.

Set up Search Alerts to track key topics

Set up search alerts with two clicks and get a weekly email digest with new articles related to the topic. Perfect for tracking important news about your research topics.

Print articles for hard-copy reference

Sometimes it’s just easier to print out an article. With DeepDyve you can print up to 20 articles a month for your personal use.

The Power Of Enterprise Literature Management—For Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

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