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DeepDyve works directly with academic publishers and their partners to make full-text articles available to our users. Our database of 150 million articles includes more than 30 million articles that are part of our industry-exclusive LitStream Collection, available for instant full-text reading in your browser. The LitStream Collection covers over 15,000 journals from hundreds of publishers, with virtually no embargos.

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If you can’t find what you want in DeepDyve, run the same search in PubMed or Google Scholar with two clicks.

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Most companies have purchased articles scattered on desktops and drives and no way to see what others on the team have. Upload them to your private Research Archive on DeepDyve to search and organize your holdings alongside other DeepDyve results.

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Bookmark journals to see new content as it is refreshed. Browse the recommendations we make based on articles you’ve read and saved. Receive weekly alerts of relevant articles with DeepDyve's Search AI.

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With our free browser plugin, you can search PubMed, Google Scholar and other sites natively, then one-click to read or save the articles back in your DeepDyve account.

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