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The one-stop literature platform to access and manage all your research. Contact us to start a free trial for your team, or start a free trial for yourself today.

The one-stop literature platform to access and manage all your research

One place to access and manage everything

Researchers in small-to-medium organizations often have to navigate dozens of multiple search sites, journal logins, networks, drives, and more to access and manage literature. With DeepDyve you can do it all in one place and stop wasting time and effort.

A no-IT solution

High-end enterprise literature management solutions require a long slog to set up, and trained information professionals to maintain. DeepDyve is a SaaS solution built from the ground up to be quick and easy to get started—without any IT or support necessary.

The most cost-effective access

How much time do you waste looking for “free” articles? With DeepDyve you have access to 150M+ copyright-compliant articles at a savings of up to 74% over other platforms. Read the full text of articles and download for the lowest price in the industry. All from one place.

Integrated content at last

Instead of having your literature library spread out across drives, desktops, and online accounts, it can be all in one place with DeepDyve. See your existing articles in search results alongside new ones. De-dupe new purchases automatically.

Copyright compliance for peace of mind

Stop trying to cobble together articles using old academic credentials or dubious online sources. DeepDyve works closely with copyright agencies to help you get your new and existing content up to compliance without breaking the bank.

The Power Of Enterprise Literature Management—For Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

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