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About DeepDyve

DeepDyve offers simple and affordable products dedicated to support the ever-growing needs of the research community. Whether you need access to authoritative journals to aid in your research, or an on-demand research assistant to find and filter relevant articles on your behalf, DeepDyve has a solution for your research needs.

The company was founded by two bio-informatics scientists who were frustrated by the inconvenience and cost of accessing peer-reviewed journal articles. Our initial product – the DeepDyve database -- was designed for scientists in small-to-mid-sized businesses who need simple and affordable access to scholarly journals. The DeepDyve database is available via any web browser and allows full-text, read-only access to over 15 million articles from more than 15,000 journals from leading academic publishers such as Springer Nature, Elsevier, Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford University Press and many more.

For just $49/month , subscribers receive unlimited, “all you can read” access to the entire collection.  For the same cost as a single PDF purchase, DeepDyve users enjoy the convenience of having millions of articles at their fingertips, all in one place, and just one click away.

Access the DeepDyve Database - Free Trial

While access to research is vital to any organization, DeepDyve recognized that ‘time’ is often the problem:  there just isn’t enough time to read and sort through scientific literature to pursue the next innovation.  With that in mind, the company then launched DeepDyve Research on Demand (RD), a platform that connects businesses with experienced scientists for ad hoc information-related projects. The platform helps increase R&D organizations’ productivity by delegating the literature search and curation to professional analysts to find answers to specific questions quickly and affordably. DeepDyve RD screens and recommends each analyst based on their expertise and skills – and each study comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. DeepDyve helps research organization put the “R” back in R&D.

DeepDyve Research on Demand

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