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Adoption drivers and intents in the mobile electronic marketplace Survey findings

Anckar, Bill

2002 Journal of Systems and Information Technology

doi: 10.1108/13287260280000768

Although little is known about consumers attitudes towards wireless marketing channels and how customer value is generated in mobile commerce, many organizations are today making considerable investments to take advantage of the new business possibilities offered by wireless technologies encouraged by optimistic, yet contradictory forecasts on the future volume of mobile commerce. This paper reports on a national consumer survey conducted to investigate i the Finnish consumers willingness to use a number of initial mobile service, ii the common supposition that mcommerce will be able to increase the overall market for ecommerce by penetrating into untapped markets, and particularly iii if early and intended adoption of mcommerce by consumers can be attributed to certain types of mobile services.
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A foresight framework for understanding the future of mobile commerce

Han, Shengnan; Harkke, Ville; Landor Ruggero, Par; de Mio, Rossi

2002 Journal of Systems and Information Technology

doi: 10.1108/13287260280000769

The advent of the 3G world of mobile commerce has suffered from the waitandsee mode over the last years. Existing barriers pose a challenge to all actors in the mobile commerce industry MCI. Learning from the future and discovering a route to a desired future are keys to successful mobile commerce business. In this paper we argue that it is very important that all actors in the MCI use an industry foresight approach in order to discover a successful route to future markets. We present a framework for creating industry foresights and for understanding the future of mobile commerce. We focus on the mobile commerce industry as a whole and introduce two broad variables 1 adoption and diffusion of mobile commerce products and services and 2 the macroeconomic development trend. Based on these variables we build four foresight scenarios RapidUp, RapidDown, SlowDown and SlowUp. On the basis of these four different scenarios we suggest some features of promising mobile commerce products and services. We are using informationgathering agents in order to collect information for our analysis. The foresight framework will help all actors understand the future for mcommerce.
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Mobile eservices Creating added value for working mothers

Liu, Shuhua; Carlsson, Joanna; Nummila, Sirpa

2002 Journal of Systems and Information Technology

doi: 10.1108/13287260280000770

Mothers, especially working mothers, take an active role in many activities. They manage the familys daily lives. They take care of children. They work or study. And they also strive to take care of themselves. Working mothers are normally overloaded with all kinds of tasks almost on a daily basis, year after year. Although there are many many kinds of useful information and services available over the Internet that could be a big help to mothers, working mothers or mothers with children around them at home are often so occupied that they cannot afford the luxury of sitting in front of a computer to access those services. So, what kind of services could help to make their lives a bit easier Readily accessible mobile services over the wireless network seem to be exactly what they need. But what mobile eservices do working mothers need What is the specific added value offered by such services These form the issues that we will address in this paper.
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