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Synthesis and Evaluation of Some Detergent/Dispersant Additives for Lube Oil

International Journal of Polymeric Materials , Volume 57 (2): 114-124 – Feb 1, 2008


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Synthesis and Evaluation of Some Detergent/Dispersant Additives for Lube Oil


With increasing demands being placed on lubricants for automotive engines and transmissions, it has been necessary to work to improve the function of these lubricants. Modern lubricants are formulated from a range of base fluids and chemical additives to enhance their actions or to add new properties. In this study we have confined ourselves to the study of the detergent/dispersant type of additives based on preparation of polyisobutylene succinic anhydride (PIBSA) and then the reaction of PIBSA with different polyethylene glycols and the amination of the products by different polyamines. The compositions of the prepared compounds were determined by molecular weight, I.R. and H-NMR spectroscopy. The efficiency of the prepared compounds as antioxidants and detergents/dispersants was investigated. It was found that the prepared compounds have very good dispersancy power and the efficiency increases by increasing the number of -NH groups in the prepared compounds and by increasing the molecular weight of the polyethylene glycols.
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