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Regional Wind Energy Characteristics for Istanbul, Turkey


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Regional Wind Energy Characteristics for Istanbul, Turkey


In this study, wind energy for Istanbul, which is the biggest city of Turkey both in terms of population density and industrialization was analyzed. Meteorological data of 7 stations in Istanbul is used in this study. Daily, monthly, and annual wind speed values and frequency distributions show that Kumk y and ile stations have higher wind energy potential than other stations. Frequencies of wind speeds higher than 5 ms -1 are in turn 55.2% and 53.2% for both stations. Annual energy value that can be generated with a Nordex N60 wind turbine was calculated as 1,207 MWh in Kumk y, 955 MWh in ile, 535, 454, 221, 519, and 113 MWh in turn in G ztepe, Kire burnu, Bah ek y, Florya, and Kartal. It was determined that wind blows dominantly from the geographical directions between northwest and northeast and from south-southwest throughout Istanbul.
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