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Worth Looking Into

Music Educators Journal , Volume 47 (6): 19 – Jun 7, 1961


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Worth Looking Into


Orchestra Planning Guide, compiled by Forest R. Etling, is published by the National School Orchestra Association. In a leatherette loose-leaf binder, the guide contains such items as a monthly calendar, activities calendar, daily schedule, instrumentation inventory, seating chart, instrument rental and inventory records, lists of publishers and manufacturers, material lists for full and string orchestra, sample string class curriculums, string achievement lists, recruiting forms and letters, book lists, orchestra uniform styles and records, concert promotion, press release forms, and 100 pages of material to plan and administer the orchestra. Available to NSOA members for $2.25, to others $3.00. Order from: Forest R. Etling, Secretary NSOA, 1083 Monroe, Benton Harbor, Michigan. North and South Ballad. Commissioned for the American Civil War Centennial observance by Associated Music Publishers, Inc., 1 West 47 Street, New York 36, New York for presentation by the musical organizations of the Nation's schools and colleges. Text by Paul M. Angle and Earl Schenck Miers, music by Normand Lockwood. A new tape recorder, light-weight model, specifically modified for high fidelity, is now available from North American Philips Company, Inc., High Fidelity Products Division, Dept. 1AA5, 230 Duffy Avenue, Hicksville, Long Island, New York. “Symphonic Movements from
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