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Why Not More Chamber Music

Music Educators Journal , Volume 19 (2): 31 – Nov 1, 1932


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Why Not More Chamber Music


California-Western Conference at Oakland G E R T R U D E B. P A R S O N S, L O S Angeles, California, President A. G. W A H L B E R G, Fresno. California, 1st Vice-President M A R Y W E A V E R M C C A U L E Y, San Francisco, California, Director G L E N N W O O D S, Oakland, California, Director E D N A O. D O U T H I T, 5153 Meridian Street, Los Angeles, California, Secretary-Treasurer M A R Y I R E L A N D, 2 4 1 4 Street, Sacramento, California, 2nd Vice-President and Editor Friends of the California-Western Conference: O U R Executive Committee wel comes this opportunity to announce that final arrangements have been made for the presentation of our Con ference programs next spring, in the beautiful Scottish Rite Building at Oak land, California. In no city heretofore have we found such an ideal meeting place; for, firstly, the architecture of the building, together with the magnificent view from its por tals, is most admirable; one feels a real uplift at the very approach!
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