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The Third Biannual JLSP Top Paper Award


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The Third Biannual JLSP Top Paper Award


JLSspjlsJournal of Language and Social Psychology0261-927X1552-6526SAGE PublicationsSage CA: Los Angeles, CA10.1177/0261927X1244659710.1177_0261927X12446597AnnouncementThe Third Biannual JLSP Top Paper AwardGilesHoward92012313239239© 2012 SAGE Publications2012SAGE PublicationsSelecting on this occasion was not easy for the adjudicating International Association of Language and Social Psychology committee (Chair Jake Harwood, Jaye Atkinson, and Cindy Gallois). They contend that the quality of work published in the Journal of Language and Social Psychology (JLSP) in the issues 2009 to 2011 was exceptional—and that they read numerous articles that were worthy of this recognition. Ultimately, and recognized at the International Conference on Language and Social Psychology (ICLASP12) in Friesland (June 2012), Sik Hung Ng, Jiawen Ye, and Chin-Chuan Lee (2011) received the award for their article “Media Discourse on Globalization in China: A Social–Psychological Analysis” (JLSP, Vol. 30, pp. 139-148). The committee found this article to be uniquely insightful in bridging work on language, media, culture, and politics. Theoretically, the work develops ideas of globalization, justification, and image building in ways that emphasize their sociopsychological and communicative importance, thus claiming a stake for social psychologists and communication scientists in examining such macro-social phenomena. The authors are to be congratulated on an insightful and hugely readable article.The committee also recommended an
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