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The Colonialism of the English Only Movement

Educational Researcher , Volume 29 (3): 15 – Apr 1, 2000


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The Colonialism of the English Only Movement


The Colonialism of the English Only Movement DONALDO MACEDO mantle bilingual education there as well. The cultural condition that led to the passage of these laws, which were designed to control the flow of immigrants, to end affirmative So, if you want to really hurt me, talk badly about my language. action and bilingual education, is not too dissimilar from the present cultural condition in Austria that brought to --Gloria Anzaldiia power the Neo-Nazi politician Joerg Haider, prompting widespread protest from Washington and the European s we enter the new millennium, one of the most Union. Not only has the U.S. general population remained, pressing challenges facing educators in the United by and large, silent with respect to the expanding culture of States is the specter of an "ethnic and cultural war," xenophobia in our society, it has, in most instances, emwhich constitutes, in my view, a code phrase that engenders braced and supported legislation that has had the effect of our society's licentiousness toward racism. Central to the licensing institutional discrimination whereby subordiidea of an "ethnic and cultural war" is the creation of an idenated groups materially experience the loss of their human ologically coded language that
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