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The Child With Subfebrile Temperature:Common Cause of Parental Anxiety

Clinical Pediatrics , Volume 9 (8): 455 – Aug 1, 1970


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The Child With Subfebrile Temperature:Common Cause of Parental Anxiety


Problems of PracticeThe Child With Subfebrile TemperatureCommon Cause of Parental Anxiety SAGE Publications, Inc.1970DOI: 10.1177/000992287000900807 Spyros A. Doxiadis Institute of Child Health, Athens 608, Greece MUCH has been written about fevers of unknown and obscure origin both in textbooks of differential diagnosis and in original articles analyzing the likely causes or outcome of such cases. These writings always deal with children with a temperature high enough to alarm not only the parents but also the doctor. Often, admission into a hospital is thought necessary to elucidate the problem. Little may be found in the medical literature about slight temperature elevations in infants and young children which continue for a long time. This, however, is a common cause for bringing a child, usually under six years old, to the pediatrician's ofhce or to the outpatient clinic. The mother from touching the child notes that he feels hot, or else she thinks that his appearance has changed and decides to take his temperature perhaps several times a day. Should she encounter a temperature reading at some time above. 37° C., having been taught that "normal" temperature is below that figure, she becomes alarmed and brings the child to the doctor.
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