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The Barbados Centre for Multi-Racial Studies

Race & Class , Volume 9 (1): 107 – Jan 1, 1967


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The Barbados Centre for Multi-Racial Studies


Quarterly ForumThe Barbados Centre for Multi-Racial Studies SAGE Publications, Inc.1967DOI: 10.1177/030639686700900109 Jill Sheppard University of Sussex The Barbados Centre for Multi-Racial Studies, which is to be directed by Professor Fernando Henriques, Director of the Centre for Multi-Racial Studies at the University of Sussex, and run in co-operation with the University of the West Indies, plans to open ofhcially in April 1968 with an international symposium on inter-ethnic problems. _ The setting up of a Centre in the Caribbean was one of the five main tasks envisaged for the Sussex Centre when it was established in 1964. The others were the assembling of relevant material with particular reference to the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa and South East Asia, the carrying out of research projects involving graduate students, the arranging of seminars for academics and others and the provision of courses in race relations for firms operating overseas. Work on all these tasks has to a varying extent been hampered by lack of funds. Nevertheless, now that the Overseas Development Ministry have made a grant of £55,000 to provide buildings for the Centre, which are to be erected on ground already provided by the Government of Barbados, preparations are going
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