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Test of Void-Filled SHS Beams Under Cyclic Loading


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Test of Void-Filled SHS Beams Under Cyclic Loading


This paper describes a series of tests to failure of concrete filled (composite) tubular beams subjected to cyclic loading. The beams made from steel grade of Yst310 at 345 MPa nominal yield stress, square hollow sections (SHS), depth-to-thickness ratios in the range of 20.5 were tested. The effects of these loading protocols on the elastic hysteretic behavior of the SHS beams were examined. The SHS beams exhibited stable hysteretic behavior up to local buckling, and then showed considerable degradation in strength and ductility depending on d/t ratios. First-cycle yield load moments predicted in tested composite beam specimens were compared with standard CIDECT moments. The effect of strength, ductility, and energy absorption capacity of the beams were examined.
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