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Strategies for Teaching Nursing Research:Small Group Games for Teaching Nursing Research

Western Journal of Nursing Research , Volume 8 (2): 233 – May 1, 1986


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Strategies for Teaching Nursing Research:Small Group Games for Teaching Nursing Research


STRATEGIES FOR TEACHING NURSING RESEARCH Small Group Games for Teaching Nursing Research Cheryl Tatano Beck Faculty who teach nursing research are continually searching for new and creative methods to hold students' attention in their research courses and also to stimulate students' interest in nursing research itself. This article describes two such games that have been devised by the author for use in an undergraduate research course, a crossword puzzle of basic research terminology and a scavenger hunt of research items. More and more undergraduate nursing research courses consist of a combination of generic nursing students and R.N. students. An additional benefit of either the crossword puzzle or the scavenger hunt is the fostering of relationships between these two groups of students. R.N. students bring rich backgrounds of clinical experience to a research course that the generic nursing students often lack. If an environment is provided in which R.N. and generic nursing students can interact together, the R.N. students may feel more comfortable about sharing examples of clinical problems they have encoun- tered. This sharing and looking to research for answers may assist in dispelling a common belief held by generic nursing students that the research course will not
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