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Socially Responsible Consumer Behavior?:Exploring Used Clothing Donation Behavior

Clothing and Textiles Research Journal , Volume 27 (3): 179 – Jul 1, 2009


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Socially Responsible Consumer Behavior?:Exploring Used Clothing Donation Behavior


Most research on socially responsible consumer behavior has focused on consumer purchasing behavior; therefore, little is known about it during the product disposal stage. This study seeks an in-depth understanding of consumer disposal behavior in a used clothing donation setting. An interpretive analysis revealed that the primary motivation for participants' used clothing donation behavior is the need to create space in the closet for something new. The threat of feelings of guilt played a significant role throughout the process prior to donation, specifically in the decision whether to discard or donate a clothing item. Participants experienced both utilitarian and hedonic values regarding their donation behavior, and these values in turn affected future donation intentions. A conceptual model based on the study findings that integrates a theory of reasoned action framework with a consumer values perspective is proposed. Study implications and future research avenues are also discussed.
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