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RUTH LYTTLE SATTER March 8, 1923-August 3, 1989

Journal of Biological Rhythms , Volume 6 (1): 2 – Mar 1, 1991


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RUTH LYTTLE SATTER March 8, 1923-August 3, 1989


In MemoriamRUTH LYTTLE SATTER March 8, 1923-August 3, 1989 SAGE Publications, Inc.1991DOI: 10.1177/074873049100600102 Arthur W.Galston Yale University Ruth Lyttle was bom in 1923 and educated in New York, receiving her AB cum laude from Barnard College in 1944 with a major in mathematics and physics. Because of her love of plants, she also took training in horticulture at the New York Botanical Garden, completing a course in 1951. Later, as a housewife and mother in Hartford, Connecticut, she used this horticultural expertise to serve for a decade (1953-1963) as an instructor in horticulture in the YMCA Hobby School. She married Robert Satter, an attorney who practiced in the Hartford area until his appointment as a judge by Governor Ella Grasso. Starting in the late 1940s, they produced four children, whose care and upbringing were Ruth's major concern until her return to school in the mid-1960s. She found it convenient to enroll at the University of Connecticut, where she pursued graduate studies in plant physiology under the direction of Donald Wetherell, receiving her PhD degree in 1968. Her doctoral dissertation, dealing with the control of photomorphogenesis by phytochrome, led to the publication of two papers in Plant Physiology. In
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