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Roy Adaptation Model and Perspectives on the Family

Nursing Science Quarterly , Volume 14 (1): 10 – Jan 1, 2001


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Roy Adaptation Model and Perspectives on the Family


R oy Adaptation Model and Perspectives on the Family Debra R. Hanna, RN; MSN Doctoral Student, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts Sr. Callista Roy, RN; PhD; FAAN Professor and Nursing Theorist, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts TherecentdevelopmentsoftheRoyadaptationmodel(Roy& Andrews, 1999) have implications for the theorist's perspec- tive on the use of the model in practice and research with the family as the unit of care. In particular, these implications can be addressed in relation to philosophical assumptions and ex- panded content related to the elements of the model. Roy (1983a) directly addressed the family from the perspective of the model in an earlier publication. At that time, she identified humanism as the main philosophical basis of her work. Fur- thermore, she used the Roy model elements described in the literature at that time to derive a view of the family as an adap- tive system. This approach was then applied to the family in primary care and to the expectant family. The purpose of this column is to discuss the following ma- jor changes since the early work: (a) development of the philosophical assumption of veritivity, and (b) the expansion of the model concepts in their use with individuals
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