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Reviews of Books


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Reviews of Books


Reviews of Books SAGE Publications, Inc.1907DOI: 10.1177/146642400702801221 REVIEWS OF BOOKS. HYGIENE AND PUBLIC H>JALTH.~ The names of these two well-known workers in sanitary science are a sufficient guarantee (if such were needed for a book on hygiene which has attained to a third edition within a brief period) of the worth of this manual. Setting aside the number and variety of scientific subjects which fall within its scope, it is no easy task to determine what to omit and what to include in order to give the student sound, intelligent, and technical knowledge of the facts and principles underlying the many-sided subject of hygiene. The present edition of this book has been partly re-written, and otherwise added to and revised. We have gone through these pages, and in doing so have marked many of them for reference and comment : but it is not easy, nor is there any need, to do this in the space at our disposal. We may, however, especially direct the reader's attention to the chapter (II.) on the Collection, Removal, and Disposal of Excretal and other Refuse which summarises our present knowledge of this most difhcult question. The chapter (III.) on Air and
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