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Resolutions adopted at UNCTAD IV:Nairobi, 31 May 1976

Security Dialogue , Volume 7 (3): 249 – Jan 1, 1976


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Resolutions adopted at UNCTAD IV:Nairobi, 31 May 1976


Resolutions adopted at UNCTAD IVNairobi, 31 May 1976 SAGE Publications, Inc.1976DOI: 10.1177/096701067600700304 1 From the summary prepared by the UNCTAD Informations Service, TAD/INF/8234-825, 1 June 1976. Integrated programme and common fund The resolution on the integrated programme for commodities sets out objectives, measures to be taken, and a timetable for negotiations on various aspects of the integrated programme for commodities - described as 'a programme of global action to improve market structures in international trade in commodities of interest to developing countries'. In the section on objectives of the programme, the Conference said the programme should achieve 'stable conditions in commodity trade' at levels which would `(a) be remunerative and just to producers and equitable to consumers; (b) take account of world inflation and changes in the world economic and monetary situations; and (c) promote equilibrium between supply and demand within expanding commodity trade.' Other objectives are to improve and sustain real income of developing countries through increased export earnings, improved market access, diversified production and expanded processing of primary products in developing countries ... The resolution states that coverage of the programme 'should take into account the interests of developing countries in bananas, bauxite, cocoa, coffee, copper,
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