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Reliability Methods: A Note on the Frequency of Use of Various Types

Educational and Psychological Measurement , Volume 60 (4): 523 – Aug 1, 2000


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Reliability Methods: A Note on the Frequency of Use of Various Types


This study examined the frequency of use of various types of reliability coefficients for a systematically drawn sample of 696 tests appearing in the APA-published Directory of Unpublished Experimental Mental Measures . Almost all articles included some type of reliability report for at least one test administration. Coefficient alpha was the over-whelming favorite among types of coefficients. Several measures treated almost universally in psychological-testing textbooks were rarely or never used. Problems encountered in the study included ambiguous designations of types of coefficients, reporting reliability based on a study other than the one cited, inadequate information about subscales, and simply incorrect recording of the information given in an original source.
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