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Rehabilitation programme after surgery in TFCC tears of the wrist


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Rehabilitation programme after surgery in TFCC tears of the wrist


T H E J O U R N A L O F H A N D SURGERY VOL. 22B SUPPLEMENT 1 Application of "water traction" in a programme of posttraumatic hand rehabilitation M. Pieniazek Krakdw, Poland Secondary changes within the hand resulting from immobilization provide a serious problem for the therapist. Especially time-consuming for the patient and for the therapist are obstinate joint contractures. The aim of the study is to present our type of therapy in these cases by applying "water traction" as a form of passive mobilization of joints. Depending on the type of joint contracture and utilizing the therapeutic proprieties of water environment, we have applied this way of treatment separately for each joint. The efficacy of the therapy was evaluated from the active and passive range of motion measurements that were done before and after the traction. The positive results of our investigations allow us to recommend "water traction" as the method of choice in treatment of obstinate contractures in the post-traumatic hand. joints are placed in a short forearm cast at 0 ° degrees. After 14 days, if the patient was affected by RA, the hand therapist makes a dynamic splint proextension at
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