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Program for the International Society of Parenteral Nutrition


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Program for the International Society of Parenteral Nutrition


INTERNATIONAI SOCIETY OF PARENTERA1 NUTRITION PROGRAM FOR THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OFPARENTERAL NUTRITION August 27 - September 1, 1978 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Held during the XI International Congress of Nutrition) Officers President: L. Heller, MD (Federal Republic of Germany) President- Elect: S.J. Dudrick, MD (U.S.A.) Secretary: H.C. Meng, MD, Ph D (U.S.A.) Treasurer: E. Vinnars, M D (Sweden) Councilors: F.W. Ahnefeld, MD (Federal Republic of Germany) H.A. Lee, M D (United Kingdom) 0. Schuberth, MD (Sweden) N. Shimazono, MD (Japan) C. Solassol, M D (France) H.W. Hartig, M D (Germany, Dominican Republic) Secretariat Address: Vande rbi I t University School of Medicine Nashville, Tennessee 37232 U.S.A. Chairman Local Executive Committee: Albert0 Oswaldo Barroso, M D THE JOURNAL OF PARENTERAL A N D ENTERAL NUTRITION
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