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Preauricular Swelling

Clinical Pediatrics , Volume 45 (6): 582 – Jul 8, 2006


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Preauricular Swelling


582 CLINICAL PEDIATRICS JULY 2006 Patient Report An 8-year-old African- American boy presented to the emergency depart- ment (ED) with swelling of the right side of the face for 1 day. He had minimal pain at that site. Fur- ther questioning revealed a history of a fall on that side of face and he was brought to the ED for evalua- tion of pain and possibility of a head injury. He denied any history of fever, ear pain or discharge, prior injury to that site, or any as- sociated constitutional symptoms. There was no history of recent travel, exposure to pets, or swelling at any other site in the body. His past history was significant for be- ing diagnosed as a case of DiGe- orge syndrome. He is being fol- lowed by a pediatric immunologist and his immune function is nor- mal. He is currently taking calcium and vitamin D supplements. Examination in the ED re- vealed a well-nourished, alert child in no apparent distress. He was afebrile, with his vital para- meters recorded as normal for his age. Examination of his face revealed a diffuse hard swelling approximately 3 inches in diame- ter over his right preauricular
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