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organizing and conducting public school adult farmer education*

Adult Education Quarterly , Volume 7 (1): 44 – Sep 1, 1956


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organizing and conducting public school adult farmer education*


organizing and conducting public school adult farmer education* SAGE Publications, Inc.1956DOI: 10.1177/074171365600700107 H.M.Byram Michigan State University Harry W. Kitts University of Minnesota Lloyd J. Phipps University of Illinois The directors of public school, adult farmer educational programs have been successful in developing programs that appeal to and meet the needs of adult farmers. Many of the techniques they have found effective may have implications for other types of adult education. Adult classes for farmers, organized and reimbursed under the Smith- Hughes laws, have been conducted in the public schools by teachers of vocational agriculture since 1921. The enrollment in such classes has steadily increased. In 1953-54, 247,275 farmers were enrolled. planning and organizing a program The planning of adult farmer programs is a very democratic procedure in most schools. In a typical situation, the teacher of agriculture accepts responsibility for guiding the activities necessary for determining *The description of adult farmer education given in this article refers to the procedures used in the 13 states in the Central Region of the United States. The procedures were ascertained by a cooperative regional study of the practices used in organizing, conducting, and evaluating adult farmer courses in the Central Region.
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