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Organization of Services

Medical Care Research and Review , Volume 31 (4): 520 – Jan 1, 1974


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Organization of Services


NewsOrganization of Services SAGE Publications, Inc.1974DOI: 10.1177/107755877403100416 GENERAL Health Maintenance Organizations: Questions and Answer Relating to Subcommittee Questionnaire U.S. Senate, Committee on Labor and Public Welfare, Subcommittee on Health. HEALTH MAINTENANCE ORGANIZATIONS: QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS RELATING TO SUBCOMMITTEE QUESTIONNAIRE. 462 pp. Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, March 1972. Health Maintenance Organizations (H3IOS) promise to become a principal vehicle for the delivery of health care. This document presents the responses to questions about HlIOs which the Subcommittee on Health has collected. Questions focused on: (1) general characteristics of Hi\10s; (2) funding of Hi\10s; (3) risk sharing; (4) HliOs in rural areas and urban ghettos; (5) arrangements for the provision of services; (6) regional planning; (7) medical research and education in HliOs; (8) enrollment efforts and "outreach" activities in H3IOS; and (9) policymaking. , Appendices include: (1) responses by the American Medical Association to questions on I-li\10s submitted by the Subcommittee; (2) benefits provided for subscribers and dependents under the most common coverages of the regions of the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan; and (3) the rationale for community rating by the Kaiser Foundation Medical Care Program. Tables. Figures. References. _ - REHABILITATION A Multivariate Analysis of a Vocational Rehabilitation Program
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