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Organic Nutrition in Pediatrics:Fad or Health Benefit


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Organic Nutrition in Pediatrics:Fad or Health Benefit


The organic movement is not a recent fad for the environmentally conscious family. The health of children is becoming a driving force for the use of organic foods and beverages. The elimination of foods containing artificial dyes continues to be researched for conditions such as autism and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorders. Concern has been expressed by key pediatric professionals on the exposure of children to endocrine-disrupting chemicals in foods and food packaging and the role they might play in the development of diabetes and childhood obesity. Agricultural scientists continue to investigate the nutritional superiority of organically grown foods, especially their higher content of many antioxidants. Registered dietitians are in a position to aid families in learning about the health benefits of organic foods and ways to make a child’s nutritional environment safer and healthier.
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