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Not just for greybeards

British Journalism Review , Volume 12 (1): 57 – Jan 1, 2001


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Not just for greybeards


Not just for greybeards SAGE Publications, Inc.2001DOI: 10.1177/095647480101200108 Paul Bach Yesterday I was a privileged traveller through space and time. For two days before that, as well. I went around Cape Horn under sail, travelled on the Royal Scot hauled by steam, visited war graves in Europe, flew to Sri Lanka to see the hope my readers have brought to 29,500 sight-impaired islanders, enjoyed a brief scene snatched from a long-forgotten film, marched with the Foreign Legion and rode on a "dual fuel" petrol/electric bus ... in the 1930s. Now my problem is that I have to wait three weeks or so before my monthly "fix" comes round again. We are talking about the life and soul of the magazine I edit: my readers, their letters, their stories, their lives. It is phenomenon I remain in awe of after 21 years. And it is central to the other phenomenon that they, and I, and my team have become part of - a magazine publishing success story that is possibly unique. First, some facts. Saga Magazine was launched in 1984 from the base of Saga News which I joined the company to edit in 1979. It opened its pages
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