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Music Education: Historical Contexts and Perspectives

Journal of Music Teacher Education , Volume 8 (1): 27 – Jan 1, 1998


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Music Education: Historical Contexts and Perspectives


BOOK REVIEW MUSIC EDUCATION: HISTORICAL CONTEXTS AND PERSPECTIVES REVIEWED BY GEORGE HELLER Music teacher educators often want to give their students historical and philosophical background, especially in introductory courses such as introduction to music education, foundations and principles of music education, and the like. Often these courses come at the beginning of either undergraduate or graduate programs, sometimes both. Joseph A. Labuta of Wayne State University in Detroit and Deborah A. Smith of Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville have written Prentice Hall's latest contribution to music education literature in an attempt to address this need, especially for the undergraduate introductory music teacher education courses. The Web site advertising Music Education: Historical Contexts and Perspectives, by Labura and Smith (Prentice Hall, 1997), claims: Using a fresh, holistic perspective, this introduction to the historical and philosophical foundations of the music teaching profession is designed George N Heller is professor ofmusic education at the University of Kansas in Lawrence. to fill the gap between texts that are either too simplistic or too advanced. It explores major events and ideas that have shaped the current status of the profession and that point toward its future, and encourages students to continually consider how
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