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Mistakes Pharmacists Make, and Why

Journal of Pharmacy Practice , Volume 8 (2): 70 – Apr 1, 1995


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Mistakes Pharmacists Make, and Why


CommentaryMistakes Pharmacists Make, and Why SAGE Publications, Inc.1995DOI: 10.1177/089719009500800205 Richard L. Trinque FOR DECADES in pharmacy, too much has J' politely not been said openly. Now, un- apologetic expression of sentiment is long overdue for much needed change to benefit pharmacists alongside their well served public. The pressing all about both the vocation's unseen dark side and the external forces that surely affect it need exposing to the light of day. The substance of that comes down to incidental mistakes pharmacists make and the elusive reasons why they make them. Grappling with the greater problem of big government is inevitable, because ominously it reaches into this arena from beyond the fundamental business and science of pharmacy. In the meantime, the nature of the whole matter dictates a heavy focus in this report, based on my own experience and my personal opinion. Agitating questions and stinging commentary are posited in place of traditional pure science with bibliographic references, for there are no reports to my knowledge that "tell it like it is"! Some readers may differ with such an approach, but it does facilitate a truer picture of what we have today. Hence, with feelings of pride, fear, or
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