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Military Heroism: An Operational Definition:A Reply

Armed Forces & Society , Volume 14 (1): 154 – Oct 1, 1987


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Military Heroism: An Operational Definition:A Reply


Point Counterpoint Military Heroism: An Operational Definition A Reply JEFFREY W. ANDERSON U.S. Army Research Institute In a recent article in this Journal,' I overstated the case when I claimed to have examined a body of literature never previously ana- lyzed in my study of Medal of Honor awardees. Joseph Blake has correctly brought to my attention three papers published during the 1970s that used these data. At the time I wrote the article, and until my error was noted by Blake, I believed that my statement was correct. Obviously it was not; I wish to use this forum to publicly apologize for my oversight. Unfortunately, Blake and I have fallen victim to the rapid increase in the literature of the social sciences. These three articles appeared in journals of sociology. Being a psychologist, I am afraid these jour- nals were outside my area of expertise and did not appear in any of my literature review efforts. These facts, however, do not absolve the error committed. Additionally, I would like to add a research source not previously mentioned in my article. For whatever reason, the source for the Medal of Honor citations was omitted from the published version.
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