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Math and Ld:A New Perspective

Intervention in School and Clinic , Volume 14 (1): 5 – Sep 1, 1978


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Math and Ld:A New Perspective


MATH AND LD: A NEW PERSPECTIVE Shiela C. Swett Many educators may be overlooking a potentially significant tool f o r helping learning-disabled children: mathematics. This particular discipline has t h e inherent characteristics needed for making it a new key, useful for unlocking the educational problems of the learning-disabled child, n o matter what his particular dysfunction may be. In dealing with learning-disabled children, educators have traditionally concentrated o n t h e development of language skills, using the basic components of language (letters and their sounds) for remediation. Recent evidence indicates, however, that one o f t h e greatest needs is for these children to master the skills of organization. Only when a child is able to organize his thoughts and activities in a logical, confident way, can he or she go on to master the more abstract demands of language development. The. unique quality of math is that it provides just this kind of training. This new concept calls for another look a t our definition o f mathematics, which we tend t o view in narrow terms. T h e goal in mathematics i s . t h e same goal as in
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