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Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement/Normative Update, K-TEA/NU

Assessment for Effective Intervention , Volume 24 (1-4): 145 – Jan 1, 1989


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Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement/Normative Update, K-TEA/NU


Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement/Normative Update, K-TEA/NU Lamoine J. Miller, University of Louisiana, Monroe Background Information Aufhors The Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement was developed by nvo widely recognized authorities on the theory, construction, interpretartion, and application of intelligence tests. D. Alan Kaufman is Professor and University Research Fellow at the University of Alabama and maintains an affiliation with the California School of Professional Psychology at San Diego. Dr, Nadeen Kaufman is Adjunct Associate Professor of Educational and School Psychology and Special Education at the University of Alabama. Together, they have authored Clinical Evaluation of Young Children with the Mc Carthy Scales, Kaufinan Assessment Battery for Children, Kaufinan Functional Academic Skills Test, Kaufrnan Adolescent and Adult Intelligence Test, and the Kaufinan Brief Intelligence Test. Publisher American Guidance Service, Inc., 4200 Woodland Road, Circle Pines, MN 55014-1796 Prices $234.95 Complete K-TEANU Kit -Brief Form and Comprehensive Form Includes two Test Easels, the two NU Manuals, Record Booklets (two pkgs of 25), two sample Reports to Parents, and carry bag K-TEANU Brief Form Kit (Regular Edition) Includes $104.95 Test Easel (77 plates), NU Manual, 25 Record Booklets, sample Report to Parents and carry bag K-TEANU Comprehensive Form Kit (Regular Edition)
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