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Issues and Problems in Music Education: A Report for the Educators National Conference

Music Educators Journal , Volume 49 (1): 39 – Sep 10, 1962


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Issues and Problems in Music Education: A Report for the Educators National Conference


Issues and Music Problems in Education A Report for the Music Educators National Conference Frances M. Andrews time in the development of each organization when a long, hard look at the state of its affairs may be meaningful to its present and relevant to its future. The present report is a result of the National Board of Directors' feeling that such a time has been reached in the development of the Music Educators National Conference. Our organization has grown steadily in numbers over the years. It continues to grow. But numerical growth is not the most significant criterion of success for a professional organization; more significant is the contribution such an organization makes in the area of human development, knowledge, and welfare to which it is dedicated. Determining the magnitude and impact of an organization's progress in achieving such a contribution depends in large part upon its ability to be self-analytical, to constantly identify the problems it faces, to postulate and test solutions, to evaluate results, and then to repeat the same process looking for new problems, better solutions, more effective results. This report is an effort to identify the nature of problems that appear to be most
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