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Introduction LANCE™ vs. HTRF® Technologies (or Vice Versa)

Journal of Biomolecular Screening , Volume 4 (6): 301 – Dec 1, 1999


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Introduction LANCE™ vs. HTRF® Technologies (or Vice Versa)


JOURNAL OF BIOMOLECULAR SCREENING Volume 4, Number 6, 1999 C The Society for Biomolecular Screening Point-Counterpoint The Point-Counterpoint section this month recaps a lively discussion from the session of the same name at this year's SBS meet- ing. Many of us utilize time-resolved fluorescence technologies for detection. As usual in HTS, we are never satisfied with a great technique and have to ask for more. From this has come Time-Resolved Energy Transfer or TRET. Two of the primary in- novators in reagents and assays for TRET are llkka Himmila (Wallac Oy) and Gerard Mathis (CIS Bio International) who pre- sented viewpoints in Edinburgh and have reduced those to print for us here. Andy Pope moderated this session and sets the stage for the comparison by providing us with a recap of the events. As always, I welcome your comments. Bill Janzen, Sphinx Phar- maceuticals, a Division of Eli Lilly and Company, P.O. Box 13951, 20 TWAlexander Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709, USA. Phone: (919) 314-4137; Fax: (919) 314-4350; E-mail: Introduction LANCETM vs. HTRF Technologies (or Vice Versa) ANDREW J. POPE AT THE CLOSE of the 5th Annual SBS Conference at Edin- burgh in September 1999, a
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