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Index to Journal of Transcultural Nursing

Journal of Transcultural Nursing , Volume 13 (4): 344 – Oct 1, 2002


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Index to Journal of Transcultural Nursing


JOURNAL OF TRANSCULTURAL NURSING / October 2002INDEX INDEX to Journal of Transcultural Nursing Volume 13 Number 1 (January 2002) 1-84 Number 2 (April 2002) 85-172 Number 3 (July 2002) 173-268 Number 4 (October 2002) 269-348 Authors: ABU-SAAD, HUDA, see Gharaibeh, M. AL-SHAHRI, MOHAMMAD, ZAFIR, "Culturally Sensi- tive Caring for Saudi Patients," 133. ANDREWS, MARGARET M., and JOYCEEN S. BOYLE, "Transcultural Concepts in Nursing Care," 178. NGELES GIL-NEBOT, MARA, see Gastaldo, D. AUGUSTUS, CHERYL E., "Beliefs and Perceptions of Afri- canAmerican Women Who Have Had Hysterectomy,"296. BARMORE WIEGERT, HAZEL MARIE, seeLeuning,C.J. BARRY, PAUL J., JOSEPHINE ENSIGN, and SARAH H. LIPPEK, "Embracing Street Culture: Fitting Health Care Into the Lives of Street Youth," 145. BARRY, TERESA, see Kaiser, M. M. BOYLE, JOYCEEN S., see Andrews, M. M. BOYLE, JOYCEEN S., "Emergency and Disaster Prepared- ness: Where Is Transcultural Nursing?" 273. BOYLE, JOYCEEN S., and ANNA FRANCES WENGER, "A Summary of the Panel Discussion: Comments from the Moderators," 200. BROWN, DARYLE L., see Yearwood, E. L. CAMPINHA-BACOTE, JOSEPHA, "The Process of Cul- tural Competence in the Delivery of Health Care Services: A Model of Care," 181. CHOI, EUNICE, see McCarty, L. J. DAVIDHIZAR, RUTH, see Giger, J. N. DE LEON SIANTZ,
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