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II. The Leaders State Their Case

Security Dialogue , Volume 7 (4): 316 – Jan 1, 1976


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II. The Leaders State Their Case


II. The Leaders State Their Case SAGE Publications, Inc.1976DOI: 10.1177/096701067600700404 Anwar a[-Sadat, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt: The dynamics of peace' `... ~Ylhat is essential for us is to maintain the dynamics of peace. The situation in the Middle East is explosive. We must turn to our tasks quickly, otherwise the result will be irreparable... It is time that the Israelis faced the situation realistically and understood finally that no peace is possible in the Middle East as long as the Palestinian problem is unresolved. It is ridiculous to put forward the argument of terrorism for refusing any negotiation with the PLO. Mr Menahem Begin is an ex-terrorist who is proud of being one. But he sits today in the Knesset in his capacity as leader of the opposition. The PLO leaders have denounced aeroplane hi-jack- ing... Has not the moment arrived to give them a chance, to allow them fully to assume their responsibilities? ... It would be up to the United States and the Soviet Union, guarantors of the cease-fire in the Middle East, to invite the PLO to take its place round the negotiating table at Geneva ... If Israel refuses to negotiate
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